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A key feature of Standard Apprenticeships is the need for all apprentices to take an End Point Assessment process once they have completed all of the learning elements from Gateways One and Two. The EPA process is broken down into three individual components. Once our external assessors have assured the quality of the competence evaluation log and checked that the behaviour log has been visited at least 3 times the process will begin.

  1. Synoptic End Test or Observation of Competency
  2. Professional Discussion
  3. Scenario Based case study

During the end point assessment process apprentices will need to be observed by both the external assessor and an internal assessor, the key elements of this observation will be discussed in advance but will focus on the core key competencies of the Standard being undertaken. The professional discussion will involve more in-depth questions related to the standard and will pick up on any elements not observed in stage one. Finally in order to check the application of knowledge by the apprentice our external assessors will invigilate a case study based test under exam conditions.

The documents below will assist in your understanding of the process and how we can help assess your apprentices helping them and your business to thrive.

Laboratory Technician Behaviours Evaluation
Laboratory Scientist Behaviours Evaluation
Laboratory Scientist Apprenticeship Standard
Laboratory Scientist Competence Standards
Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship Standards
Laboratory Technician Competence Standards

Further information available here