“In our department, the inclusion of laboratory research technician apprentices has proven to be transformative and successful. Initially, these apprentices shadowed experienced technicians, learning the ropes and intricacies of laboratory work. Over time, these apprentices have displayed remarkable growth, transitioning from apprentices to independent contributors. They have not only undertaken their own projects but have also proven instrumental in enhancing departmental productivity and teamwork. The impact they’ve had on our department is nothing short of remarkable. Some of these apprentices have now gone on to become Senior Research Technicians with very niche and high-level skill sets.”

“Beyond the apprentices’ contributions, I think that the support from our CSR team has been instrumental in this success story. CSR has consistently provided quick responses to any queries and concerns, facilitating a seamless integration of the apprentices into our department. Their guidance and assistance have ensured a smooth transition for these young talents, allowing them to adapt quickly to the demands of our complex laboratory environment. This harmonious partnership between the department, the apprentices, and the CSR team has undeniably been a win-win situation, promoting professional growth, team collaboration, and overall success.”

— Adam Brown – Head of Scientific Laboratory Services, University of Cambridge

“NPL’s science apprentice programme makes me very proud. It is helping to ensure a healthy and diverse pipeline of talent for our future”

— The National Physical Laboratory’s CEO, Peter Thompson

“I have genuinely loved getting to know you all and learning about CSR. I think CSR are a fantastic training provider and you are truly a wonderful bunch to work with, so I am very grateful!”

Sarah Horne, Apprenticeship Advisor at The Binding Site.

“We at The University of Oxford could not recommend CSR Scientific Training as a training provider more. If you are looking for scientific or laboratory apprenticeships then make sure you get in touch with the team at CSR.”

— Helen Johnson – Senior Appointments & Apprenticeship Manager, The University of Oxford

“Thank you for helping us build our future and for your continued support and dedication to apprenticeship training.”

— Carly Larkin, Apprentice Lead at East Kent Hospitals University