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How do Apprenticeships work?

As an apprentice, you will be employed and paid by a company while pursuing a nationally recognised learning programme with us.

You’ll spend most of your working time learning the ropes in a hands-on role with the help of your line manager, colleagues and mentors. You’ll also spend a fifth of your time focused on the formal training and learning elements.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have developed the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you’ll need to become competent in your chosen field.

How will I be supported?

Your expert CSR Lecturer and Vocational Skills Coach will lead you through the learning programme, which combines academic, practical and technical training. This integrated learning allows you to put theory into practice, both on and off the job.

You’ll have a combination of either live online or face to face training, progress reviews, and additional regular catchups. Face-to-face meetings are usually held at your workplace, with video calls in between.

Your ‘on the job’ training will be overseen by a mentor, who will make sure you are supported and developed in your workplace.

CSR also has a dedicated Safeguarding and Well-being team that are here to support you should you have any issues or concerns.

How long does the Apprenticeship last?

Your apprenticeship will last between one and three years, depending on the level of the programme.

As with most jobs, this will be subject to a probationary period where you’ll need to meet certain standards of performance, professionalism, and punctuality.

Some apprentices go on to a higher-level apprenticeship programme and some complete their Degree via an apprenticeship.

Am I eligible to complete an Apprenticeship?

You must be a UK resident or have been resident in the EU for the last 3 years to apply. Refugees with settled status can also complete an apprenticeship.

If you are 16, you are eligible to apply and there is no upper age limit on Apprenticeships. Most of our learners are school leavers but our oldest apprentice is 72.