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Level 3 Laboratory Technician Standard

Level 3 Science Manufacturing Technician Standard

Level 5 Technician Scientist Standard

Level 6 Laboratory Scientist – Accelerated Route

Applied Science Apprenticeships

CSR has been delivering Laboratory based apprenticeships for over 12 years. Our training is structured to help apprentices develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour needed to work safely in a lab.

Understanding Laboratory Apprenticeships

Laboratory apprenticeships are designed to develop lab skills and abilities as well as a right first time attitude in your staff. Typical duties can be lab stocking, decontamination, reagent preparation, quality assurance processes, equipment and instrument maintenance as well as data processing and communication. Higher level apprentices could go on to be involved in the management of health and safety processes, scientific investigations and deliver training to other members of the team.

Standard Apprenticeships

Standard apprenticeships have been developed by employers for employers in a group called Trailblazers. These early adopter organisations helped to shape the structure and content of these apprenticeships to give employers in the science sector more control over content and quality. Since this process proved that this style of apprenticeship could be successful many more standard apprenticeships have been developed for all sectors.

Science sector standards now have an end point assessment process that ensures the learner has the ability to demonstrate the key core elements of the programme they have undertaken. This processes generates a grade for the overall apprenticeship that is either Fail, Pass or Distinction thus ensuring that those high achievers are distinguishable from those that meet the standard but are less capable.

The programme is either 24 or 36 months in duration (level 3 and 5 respectively) and starts with an Apprentice Training Plan, developed by the employer and the training provider, once agreed the apprentice is recruited and an initial assessment is carried out into their overall ability in English and Mathematics. From this point on the delivery and content for standard apprenticeships is all about Gateway. This is a checkpoint that ensures all mandated elements of the standard are complete and all parties are happy for the apprentice to move into the End Point Assessment window.

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